Scotland, a journey – Days 1 – 2

Day 1


A series of delays and airport mishaps made for a long and stressful transit, travel insurance has not been helpful so far…

Enough of that though, I (Nara) finally made it to Aberdeen, and was met at the airport by my better half. Day one was a write off, arriving in the night instead of morning, we found a nice Indian restaurant in Aboyne and hit the hay.

Day 2

Day 2 solved all worries from the first day within hours, we drove west to the Cairngorms and saw as much beautiful scenery as we had hoped to see the entire trip before even lunchtime.

Awestruck by the long winding roads through the mountains, wild and very interesting looking sheep, wild deer, and even reindeer!

We found the first brewery of the trip too, and had to go through the tastings.


The reindeer herd were in a sanctuary, and feeding them, as well as sneaking cautious pats was a tick off an unexpected bucket list item.

See the patchy fur? Being the start of Summer they were losing their winter coat, and large swathes of the stuff would accompany even the most brief contact.

We set off for Skye.


We met Ben, and one of his favourite swimming holes.



We spent the night near Mallaig, and learned of the Scots love for dogs, this big guy had his own couch in the pub, but each pub, bus and cafe was dog friendly, Australia should follow this example.

Most images via Samyang lenses.

Next up; mountains and a lot of rain.